Eli Roth’s Black Friday – Everything We Know So Far

We have already announced that the director and screenwriter Eli Roth continued the path of his favorite horror with the implementation Black Friday, and now it’s time for the first official poster. As is clear from the title and image, the plot is directly inspired by Thanksgiving, American holiday, from which comes the pilgrim costume of the disturbing subject holding the axe. The story unfolds in PimutIN Massachusetts, city ​​of historical importance in the country as a place where the holiday was celebrated for the first time, with mysterious killer who begins to commit atrocities based on a popular holiday.

Release date November 17th., originally only in theaters. The cast includes Rick Hoffman (Suits: Key to Success, Hostel), Gina Gershon (Showgirls, Killer Joe), Milo Mannheim (Road to Bethlehem, School Spirits), Addison Ray (someone like him) and Patrick Dempsey (The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair).

An idea was born from a double film grindhouse From Quentin Tarantino AND Robert Rodriguezmore precisely from one of fake trailers created for this. Eli Roth made a short film/trailer titled Thanksgiving Day for this before 2007becoming the basis of the film that he has co-written with Jeff Rendellas then.

This this is not the first movie born from commercials: it’s already happened Machete for the same project or even with In the forest Sam Raimi. The latter put forward the idea of ​​what later became the saga of evil Deadbut the list of works originally trailers or shorts that have become real films is long: how Army of 12 Monkeys, Thanks 1138A man who escaped from the futurerather than District No. 9.

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