Elisabetta Gregoracci, a special birthday is coming soon: “We need to complete the preparations”

Elisabetta Gregorachi busy with me cooking from birthday special. There GrandmotherIn fact, she turns 102 years old, and on this occasion, the dancer returned home to be by her side. There familyIn fact, he has always been a benchmark for the 43-year-old from Soverato.

Grandma Elisabetta’s birthday, in particular, is a moment to return to your roots, to your loved ones, to your beloved country. Calabria.

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Grandma Elizabeth

Grandparents are known to be great guides for their grandchildren and even if you grow up to be famous or busy away from home, coming back to say hello is a must. That is why for 102 years he could not miss his grandmother Elisabetta Gregoracci.

On a moped, together with her father, the dancer is sent to run errands to prepare for the birthday of her grandmother Elisabetta, for which they throw a party every year with all her friends and relatives.

The connection between them is deep and obvious, despite the fact that the grandmother is not used to cameras and social networks. Last year, he gave her an anti-wrinkle cream for her 101st birthday by the sea.

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