Elisabetta Gregoraci is terrified: “I can’t face it”. Here is the shocking story!

Elisabetta Gregoraci

Elisabetta Gregoraci she recently spoke about one of her biggest fears. During an interview with Todayshe let herself go to one open-hearted confessionabout his mother’s long illness and death.

Sick as a young woman, the mom by Elisabetta Gregoraci, struggled hard for years, against a breast cancer which got the better of her, in 2011.

Still with a lot of difficulty and pain, Elisabetta talks about the parent’s care path: “My mother Melina, who had six children, fell ill with breast cancer when she was very young. Unfortunately he had to undergo many therapies and many treatments. I wandered for years between hospitals, doctors and wards”.

But talking to the doctors, Gregoraci understood the importance of prevention and also of a practice that is still not widespread in Italy, but which can make a difference when it comes to treating difficult pathologies such as cancer.

Elisabetta Gregoraci
Elisabetta Gregoraci with her mother Melina

Elisabetta Gregoraci’s appeal

The terror of falling ill as happened to his mother pushes Elisabetta Gregoraci to undergo continuous preventive checks. In this case, however, he prefers not to take drastic measures in this area, as other stars have done.

For example, Angelina Jolie underwent one genetic mapping and in-depth analyses, to assess the risk of developing certain pathologies. But Elisabetta Gregoraci said that she lacks courage to undergo similar procedures, and then read the results.

On the other hand, he wanted to make an appeal to everyone, recommending another avant-garde preventive method, which however is still little used in Italy: the stem cell storage.

“Keep them for your family or donate them to a bio-bank. One day they could be useful for treating serious illnesses. Keep them for the care of yourself or your family it costs about 3 thousand euros. While I would like it to be a free service for everyone in Italy”.

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