Elizabeth wins the competition at Ca’ Savio

CAVALLINO-TREPORTI – Two Venetians and one Paduan: in Cavallino, the Miss Venice Beach contestants claim revenge. …





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CAVALLINO-TREPORTI – Two Venetians and one Paduan: in Cavallino, the Miss Venice Beach contestants claim revenge.

The fourth selection of the competition took place last Friday at Powell Park in Ca’Savio. The top step of the podium with the Miss Ava Sports & Spa sash went to Elizabeth Rossi A 16-year-old student from Cadoneghe who, in the third edition dedicated to the idol singer, played Raffaella Carra in “Tuca tuca”. “Last year I took part in one of the stages of the competition, but I could not qualify,” explains Elisabetta. “Actually, my forte is perseverance. I like the cuisine of Venice, especially the cicchetti.” The second place was taken by Selma Engud, 20 years old, Moroccan, resident of Fiesso d’Artico. She works as a secretary in the family business, which alternates with a modeling career. The beautiful Selma was played by the singer Beyoncé. For her the title of “Miss Sigillo Italiano” after two participations in the pageant in 2019 and 2022. She, too, is always ready to return to the game. “I compete to win,” explained the competing Selma, “when I walk around Venice, I like the dreamy atmosphere.” The third group with the title of “Miss Coraya” for the beautiful Margherita Bolzonella, 21, from Mira, a student of Ca ‘Foscari, who has competed in the Miss Venice pageant for the past three years. “From Venice, Margarita explained – I like to ride a gondola.”
The preselection for singers included Alberto Nierro, also known as “BlackRoll” from Peseggia, who performed a beatbox performance with the audience, while Mayor Roberta Nesto and Tourist Advisor Alberto brought greetings from the city of Ballarin.

Tonight will be the second weekly Miss Venice meeting at the Venetian Lido, which can be seen live from 20:30 on the Gazzettino website, media partner of the event. Parade at the “Blue Pool” (Piazzale Bucintoro) for participants ready to win three groups. The Lido date is part of the “Città in festa” summer calendar of the municipality of Venice, in cooperation with “Venezia Unica” and the “Venetian Beaches” consortium. “Miss Venice this year takes place in the new Blue Pool location,” explains host Elisa Bagordo. The fashion show will be divided into three exits to showcase talent and stage presence. On the runway, Leonardo’s precious jewels, Zone B suits, bags from Bghy and the cotton collection from “Blanc du Nil” Venice, the Erika salon on the Lido will prepare the make-up and hair. And in the third trip, the girls will be asked to play their favorite actress” , free tastings.
Before the show dedicated to beauty, a place for local products with host Bagordo, who will present two dishes. The first is mozzarella in carrozza with two fillings. The basis is IGP mozzarella from the Soligo dairy and Molino Rossetto flour breading from Codevigo, anchovies from Ipescaori, products from Pan Piuma and seafood platter from Coraya. Another dish: stuffed squid from the Ipeskaori company. During the evening there will also be meat tastings from the Sigillo Italiano consortium, with a knife-based joke suggested by Giovanni Cavazin.

To complete the show, a call for new singers who will present unreleased songs: the Venetian “Onello” or Alessio Centenaro will sing “Lisbon”, while the Paduan Giulia Contin, also known as “Solo Giulia”, from Cittadella will present the song “Without Thoughts”. Read full article
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