Elon Musk deactivates the ability to report erroneous information in X

Elon Musk continues to do this, and on September 27 he confirmed that he had deactivated the ability to report erroneous information to X (before Twitter).

If users are no longer able to report false election information, they will report it to the investigative organization Reset.Tech Australia.

The company has recently been criticized for losing its reputation as the number one platform for spreading hate online and increasing levels of misinformation.

In 2022, I introduced the ability for users to report incorrect or inaccurate information in the app, but this option has now disappeared. To report a post or page, menu options include spam, suicide or self-harm, emotional identity, sensitive content, hate speech, and more.

“It would be useful to understand why Alice Dawkins, chief executive of Reset, told Reuters.

Reset said Reset had raised concerns that the company had eliminated the ability to report erroneous election information just weeks before the country voted in a “major referendum” to include an Indigenous voice in the Australian Parliament, in a document shared with Angus Keane. Managing Director based in Australia and New York. Zealand and former director X.

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