Elon Musk: X could fail

Elon Musk he seems to have reached the point of no return in his project X, the app formerly known as Twitter but rebranded by an entrepreneur in recent weeks. After technical problem Musk wrote that the platform experienced a bug last weekend that wiped out all media exchanged prior to December 2014. “The sad truth is that there are no big social networks at the moment. We may fail, as many predicted, but we will try to the end.” Commenting on the glitch that seems to have caused the app’s owner to lose hope, several users reported that the glitch could be nothing more than a ploy by Musk. For save on data archiving.

Among the deleted photographs stands out the well-known Selfies from the 2014 Oscars The post, shared by host Ellen DeGeneres, quickly became the most retweeted post with over 2 million shares. After this weekend’s glitch, photos of some of the last decade’s most famous actors – Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt – have been restored to X. As The Verge reports, the glitch is not “vandalism” Musk started saving on storage, but there is one problem in connection with the change made in 2016.with the addition of “advanced URL enrichment” feature.

Ever since Musk acquired the social platform a year ago, X has been on its way to slow and steady decline. Entrepreneur fired thousands of Twitter employees, then sued Zuckerberg’s new app streamsfor their recruitment for their own benefit: X suffered sharp drop in investorsreporting a 50 percent loss in revenue just last month, and according to the Wall Street Journal, the company has been going for months. littered with lawsuits and unpaid bills, worth over $14 million. Is this really the end for Musk and his X? While the world is watching what will become of the app, the entrepreneur is planning the real hand-to-hand fight with Zuckerberg.

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