Elton John’s perfect farewell to the UK

Chronicle of the last (this time really?) Mr. Rocketman concert in England at the Glastonbury Festival. stop when you jerk off

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On a chilly Sunday evening on the last day of Glastonbury 2023, Worthy Farm seemed to be a gathering of Elton John clones. Everywhere there were sequined suits based on the Dodgers baseball uniform used by the singer, feather boas, oversized sunglasses, solid signs of the ferment that preceded John’s Glastonbury debut, plus, adding a good load of Nineties For, their last concert in The UK.

And in short order, when he took to the Pyramid Stage at nine in the evening, the musician found himself in front of an audience of record numbers, one of the festival’s all-time peaks, with thousands flocking to the top of the hill. Rocketman was watching them sitting at the piano.

For an incredible two hours, John paid off. it was the best title set Over the weekend, a spectacular show saw the musician look back on his career and remember why he remains one of the legends of British music. It is not known whether this was indeed their last concert. He certainly couldn’t have said goodbye in a better way.

he went with pinball Wizard A perfect debut by The Who, played for the first time in almost a decade, with a classic that stirred and drove the thousands in attendance, but also did a step to please the millions of spectators who followed it online. That wasn’t the only surprise of the evening. John had announced that there would be special guests on the set, leading to rumors that Britney Spears and Dolly Parton would be coming (some even said Spears was spotted at Bristol airport).

While Spears and Parton have not seen each other, other guests have confirmed that John is also an active supporter of the new talent, despite being at an age where he can be comfortable enjoying his luxury home in Windsor and Can ignore visiting musicians. Jacob Lusk of Gabriels delivers a soulful voice Are You Ready For LoveAmerican Stephen Sanchez sings his hit song that goes viral on TikTok until i found youWhile Rina Swayama stepped into the role of Kiki D. Do not break my heart, Those who wanted to see a big name were satisfied with the arrival of Brandon Flowers of The Killers for a powerful duet. tiny Dancer,

strange that dua lipa wasn’t there to sing cold heart, According to stories From what she posted, she was reportedly busy preparing burrata for the family and expressed a certain dismay at John’s voiceless absence. Let’s, at least, hope that the cuisine served by Dua Lipa is at least as memorable as the opportunity to attend a musical icon’s farewell at Glastonbury.

In the end, in any case, the guests were a side dish. It was an evening all about John, who in the end delivered one blow after another at a rapid pace that left the audience with no time to catch their breath. From Alligator Rock went straight to free saturday night is ok (to fight) then to finish off an incredible hat-trick I’m still standingYes. Together don’t let the sun go down on me Right before it’s over, it’s time for the epic ballad rocket ManRight next door to one of the biggest headlining sets ever seen at Worth Farm, complete with fireworks lighting up the sky over Glastonbury.

If this was indeed John’s last performance in the UK, we can say that he said goodbye to the country in a big way. His voice, which shows no effect of time and his talent shines like never before. Given last night’s show, one last ride down the yellow brick road can be expected.

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