Emily Ratajkowski’s white bikini is chic

Basically there are two types suits, whether bikinis or one-pieces: there are evergreens that promise to wait for us summer after summer in the drawer, and those that we buy at the beginning of the holiday, driven by the desire to follow the trends of the season, but which will probably tire us out in a few weeks. The first, the only ones we should be investing in in line with a more ethical and sustainable shopping approach, include solid-color swimwear: some examples are a blue bikini by Kim Kardashian, pink by Diletta Leotta and apparently black by Dev Kassel, as well as animal costumes. Alice Pagani, Lila Moss and Cecilia Rodriguez. And the list also joins white suit From Emily Ratajkowski. That’s why.

“Being a redhead… that’s a mood”, “Being a redhead… that’s a mood.” These are the words that make up the headline of the carousel with which the American model, author and podcaster kicked off her copper-haired summer on social media. For the cover, she chose a shot (stolen) of herself in the afternoon at the pool, intending to take a selfie while sunbathing. In the picture, Emily is wearing a hypnotic costume. triangle bikini with a timeless character, but at the same time sharp and sensual, which seems impossible to forget.

Emily Ratajkowski’s white bikini is the best swimsuit for summer 2023.

white bikini From Emily Ratajkowski from the new swimwear collection of her brand Inamorata Woman. It features a triangular top with extended laces and an adjustable hem. WITH Olas, which can be purchased at a price of 95 euros each, for a total of 190 euros. To complete the ensemble by the pool, EmRata wore a black baseball cap with “LAS OLAS” written on it, which, however, does not appear among the accessories sold on the Internet, and a set of gold necklaces from the famous 2000s. That the white model is the model to choose for creating a swimsuit with timeless charm is clear to everyone: however, in case anyone wants to explore the collection in more detail. Las Olas by Inamorata Woman includes 12 other colors including solid colors and polka dot prints.

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