Emma Watson returns to school in Oxford; strict security surrounds her studies

Actress Emma Watson, best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, is returning to academia. The 33-year-old recently enrolled in a part-time master’s program at Oxford University.

But fellow students may not be able to get very close to the star as she will reportedly have tight security with her, reports Mirror.co.uk.

Emma, ​​who already graduated from Brown University with a BA in English Literature in May 2014, will travel to the world-renowned university to attend several lectures.

However, she is expected to receive most of her education virtually, with security guards protecting her whenever she does need to travel to campus. The Sun reports that the actress is trying to stay safe while studying.

A source told the publication: “The course is aimed at older people and can be done part-time, which is perfect for Emma’s schedule. She only needs to be on site four or five days a year because she can complete the rest of the course online from the comfort of her home.”

“Since she is a famous actress, she will be looked after by a security team whenever she goes to class. There have been several incidents recently and she is taking all necessary precautions to ensure her safety.”

According to Mirror.co.uk, reports of Emma’s new educational plans come after a man was arrested after trying to break into her dressing room at a fashion show in New York earlier this month. The man in question has so far denied criminal trespass and disorderly conduct and his case is due to be tried in US court next month.
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