Emmys 2023, Pedro Pascal and Jenna Ortega break a taboo for actors of Latin origin

have time to AmyTime for all the buzz on the nominations: While this year’s winners await to be discovered, there’s certainly no shortage of topics to talk about, and one interesting sign to explore is already the actors in attendance among the nominees. Introduced by (pronounced practically). Like Pedro Pascal and Jenna Ortega.

On Nominations Announcement Day For The 2023 Emmys, It’s Literally Impossible Not To Pay Attention To The Nominations The protagonist of The Last of Us and actress of Wednesday in the categories for Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series and Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, respectively: but why is it so important to underline?

The reason is clear: these are for all intents and purposes the first candidates in the above categories reserved for actor of south american origin in Emmy history. Pascal, as you may recall, is actually originally from Chile and naturalized in the United States, while Jenna Ortega, despite being born in California, has Mexican roots on her father’s side and Mexican roots on her mother’s. Claims to have Puerto Rican roots.

An obviously unimportant detail, but in fact it marks another step forward towards a world of cinema and TV series that is increasingly open to representation Of all kinds of ethnic groups: Of course, let’s hope they’re not just white flies!

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