Emulating Michael Jordan’s NBA feats: The great Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

What players accomplished this NBA season Oklahoma City Thunder, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander marvelous.

The 25-year-old defender’s name emerged in Michael Jordan impressive. Gilgeous-Alexander He was one of three players who averaged 30+ points and 2+ steals in the first half.

in previous games Gilgeous-Alexander He finished with 31.4 points and 1.6 points. This season he is averaging 31.0 points per game. But this is the first time in his career that he’s averaging more than two steals per game.At the moment he leads NBA Equipped with 2.2 SPG.

Thunder star emulates Michael Jordan’s NBA feats

A player who averages 30+ points and 2+ steals per game in the middle of the season

  • Michael Jordan
  • Rick Barry
  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

What Michael Jordan It’s huge. Not only is he the best scorer in the league, but he’s also the most capable defensively. He led the team in points per game 10 times and in steals three times.

Rick BarryThe 12-time NBA All-Star and Hall of Famer also excelled in those aspects of his game. In the 1974-75 season, he averaged 30.6 points per game and scored 2.9 points (leading). In other games, he averaged more than 2 steals per game and scored more than 30 points. But before the 1973-74 season, no steals statistics were recorded.

Gilgeous-Alexander He is the same height as Jordan, just a little thinner. But he has shown similar abilities to the man many consider the greatest basketball player of all time.Of course, saving distance because Michael Jordan It is unique.

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