“Encore the door that claque au nez me”… The role of Mercredi’s star has passed, and now she is destroyed.

With wisdom and vulnerability, young Jenna Ortega, 21 years old, indulges in autobiographical creativity as she experiences the last few years that have become decisive for her career as an actress. The child star discovers the Disney Channel and appears in a Netflix series. Mercredi I am confident in the difficulties of show business, noting the ability to unravel the role and the psychological consequences associated with it. Suffering from depression, the actress shared her experiences with mental health and the film environment in her book, reflecting on the combination of personal development and confessions about her past. She approaches the audition before the audition is complete…

This is what I’m full of when I’m new!“: Jenna Ortega is familiar with this speed of casting

The acting profession is not at all easy, and translator Mercredi Addams, who was only 10 years old, has already bought his first film. Jenna Ortega wonders if at this moment she feels competitive in her environment and expressing herself in her book?Playing a role and getting banned can be devastating.“Without naming names, the young artist is familiar with the past audition and has a deep shamboule here:”You’re ready to star in a family adventure comedy starring two young actors who have become huge stars. (…) I had a lecture with the main actor, alchemy at first glance. Against all odds, the job is finally done. This is what I’m full of when I’m new!This great casting experience became one of the first stars in the actress’s life, and later in the book another double memoir about turning down a role in a blockbuster appeared.

La suite sous cette publicité

After going through more auditions and working hard to get cast, the star will show up once another actress finally arrives and is retained. Jenna Ortega says the moment was devastating: “Already approaching the new thing, I thought: and voila, the door clicks behind me again..” foie.

Following the new news, Jenna Ortega made a great decision.

Reflecting on these old mementos for Jenna Ortega, the actress decided to find strength in her various mistakes to move forward and become a better person: “I know that you will be able to play more mature and serious roles when you are ready, and, in fact, you will not have to wait too long for an opportunity to present yourself. (…) c’est Dieu, who decided a good moment“, témoigne la comédienne. The artist confesses to artists that his castings allow him to reveal his creative side, after reading more rejections, he decides to move to the other side of the drawing and paint a painting de scénarios en cours. This ongoing creativity is the remedies that help fight depression. in a grand film that turned out to be a big step forward in the career of the actress who finally interpreted this heroine. Watch and accept the positive façon ses loupés: “You know how to just take a chance and see what happens.“.

La suite sous cette publicité

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