Enderrick, “Jordan-style” contract

At 17, Endrick continues to make sports history. The striker has dominated the spotlight since his debut with Palmeiras and made his senior debut with Brazil, becoming the youngest person to do so since Ronaldo Nazario. His precocity dominates the headlines every day, with major brands trying to sign him before it’s too late. A player from Taguatinga turns down million-dollar offers from multiple sports brands to sign an unprecedented contract with New Balancejoining the North American brand on the road until 2028.


While economic factors played into Endrick’s decision, it was also internally tied to history.. With the support of his family and advisers during the pandemic, the striker decided not to renew his contract with Nike despite an attractive offer. He has been sponsored by the “Swoosh” brand since he was 11 years old. Endrick decided to wait until this year to see which companies were interested in signing him.here is not only a question of the weight of economic returns, but also a question of player image.


Ndrick has become a benchmark in Brazil and he and his entourage began a bidding process to listen to offers from other brands last February, when his relationship with Nike ended.In addition to the North American brands, more than a dozen other companies have made moves in the boardroom to try to convince future merengue players, including Adidas, Puma, Under Armor, Sketchers anyone Mizuno.

New Balance broken plate

With the support of my family, Endrick decides to join New BalanceAlthough the economic offer is much lower than what other companies have replaced it. However, The compelling reasons center on business issues that Enderrick will become the brand’s main football star. In true Nike fashion with Michael Jordan, New Balance has made an offer in which the company works to develop Endrick’s own brand as well as a line of boots signed by the star.just like it was previously done with Cristiano Ronaldo (Nike), Lionel Messi (Adidas) or Neymar (Puma).

The family had a strong desire to reach all social classes and agreed that New Balance produce products at the lowest possible cost. Just like Jordan and Nike, The contract contained a clause under which Endrick would receive a portion of the royalties.,but what This will depend on the athlete’s goals and development over the next five years. The brand will begin an expansion phase in Brazil and, still a Palmeiras player, he will become a prominent face in local venues. There is no official release date yet.

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