Enemies of humanity, nature and peace! This is Israel’s last wish.

He claimed that the Israeli army tried to burn densely forested areas in southern Lebanon by carrying out intense attacks.

They are enemies not only of humans, but also of nature

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In the news published by the Lebanese National News Agency, he talked about new developments in the ongoing clashes between the Israeli army and Hezbollah on the border since October 8.

He stated that the Israeli army continuously dropped signal and lighting bombs throughout the night towards Lebanese territory along the border line, which led to the outbreak of fires in forested areas and jungles.

It was noted that Israeli warplanes and drones continued to carry out their missions on the 120-kilometre border line, where there is an area of ​​tension.

They are consciously burning forests

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Prominent reports in the Lebanese press indicate that Israeli attacks on forested areas on the border, especially with artillery and flares, are intentional.

Israel claims that the reason for burning the forests is that Hezbollah members are hiding anti-tank guided missiles in these dense forest areas, which can be easily camouflaged.

Finally, the Lebanese Army, civil defense teams, fire brigade and UNIFIL worked for several days to extinguish the fire near the town of Alma Chaab in southern Lebanon on October 26.

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On the other hand, Israel carried out artillery shelling towards the areas where the Lebanese firefighting and civil defense teams worked.

On the Israeli border in southern Lebanon, there are large gardens with olive trees and sometimes shrubs.

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