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The butt once again reigns supreme, embraced by models and artist defenders who can boast of good anatomy in this area. This decisive part of the contour requires special care and treatment to combat cellulite, morphological defects or dryness. Fortunately, there are many techniques to help with modeling.

Food plays an important role. “Saturated fats, sausages, industrial pastries and alcohol must be given up; in addition, carbohydrates and full-fat dairy products must be controlled. It is necessary to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. Artichokes and asparagus, as well as fruits and vegetables, have a strong diuretic effect ’” says esthetician and nutritional consultant Felicidad Carrera, who notes that 92 percent of her clients are concerned with the appearance of their buttocks, primarily to avoid ailments in the rear. Caused by cellulite, excess fat and sagging.

Problems in this field change and evolve with age. The most worrying change for women between the ages of 20 and 35 is cellulite, and they need treatment to get rid of the appearance of cellulite on their skin. From the age of 36, the most common problems are sagging, sagging hips, loss of muscle tone and elasticity.women prefer therapy push ups, Put the muscles back in place, and there are a variety of options, from the type of exercise you do to the underwear you choose.


Hormonal fluctuations, a sedentary life, lack of hydration, and an unwise diet are some of the major factors that contribute to the deterioration of the beautiful buttocks.

Square or Heart?

“Body biotype has a big impact on the types of problems that affect the hips,” explains Felicidad Carrera. With these morphological differences in mind, experts have developed a series of programs combining technique and nutritional advice to achieve the best butt results for your butt type.


This type of buttocks is common in women who have a genetic predisposition to accumulate fat in the buttocks, buttocks, and legs, in addition to cellulite and fluid retention in many cases. A body reshaping treatment is recommended to remove localized fat, reduce contours and lift the area. “In some cases, mesotherapy with L-carnitine may be needed to reduce fat deposits,” noted the expert.


It is usually seen by women with cellulite problems, just below the buttocks. “Cellulite comes with a rise and fall that’s noticeable even through clothing,” explains Carrera, who warns that cellulite can improve with anti-cellulite treatments, appliances, and the application of cavitation.

the fallen

Weakness is his biggest problem. This type of buttocks is usually seen in thinner women with less muscle tone. “To improve relaxation, it is necessary to carry out specific exercises to lift the area, as well as electrostimulation treatments to improve the muscles,” explains the nutritionist. Women with a sagging body are advised to eat lean meat, fish and eggs in addition to brown rice, oranges, apples and spinach to build muscle mass.


This hip shape usually corresponds to a woman with a proportional anatomy. The waist is thin and pronounced, the hips are curved and turned up. “It’s the most ideal shape, but you have to follow a routine and maintain it with exercise and equipment, or it can deteriorate,” says the expert. When it comes to nutrition, Carrera recommends eating a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of protein, carbohydrates, fiber-rich cereals, fruits like strawberries and pears, oily fish and green leafy vegetables.


This type of defender is characterized by narrow buttocks and flat buttocks, which are physical problems and are difficult to solve. “For this type of anatomy, it is recommended to increase muscle volume by combining exercise with a proper diet, or to use electrical stimulation devices to exercise the muscles more effectively,” concluded the expert.

notes: Diet plays an important role in the beauty of the buttocks

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