Eris is all the more contagious because of its novelty

A variant of the new coronavirus has been found in the Balearic Islands: Eris is more contagious because of its noveltyRamon

A new subvariety of omicron eris (EG.5) has been found in Ballares. This will explain the rise in covid-19 infections in recent weekss. Son Espases Hospital Microbiology Laboratory It has been detected in your Final sequencing analysis, The results were announced on Wednesday.


This was confirmed by Dr. Antoni Oliver, Head of Microbiology Services at Son Espases.sequencing Correspondence from the last week of July to the present (performed every two weeks). A random sample is drawn from 80 cases, between hospitalized patients and the primary care sentinel network, Research yields 15 values ​​corresponding to subvariants Dr. Oliver said that Eris (EG.5), thus confirming is dominant

Experts in microbiology explained that the monitoring they performed corresponds to entire archipelagoso that the new subvariant spreads across all islands.

“Each new subvariant is more infectious,” Dr. Oliver continued, because “it is able to evade the immune response” as a result of the covid-19 vaccine or previous infection with the disease. Therefore, its ability to spread increases.

As for Effect Eris (EG.5), Oliver remembers it as A subtype of the omicron that presents as a cold, “90% of cases” have catarrh and mild fever. But for the elderly, immunosuppressed, or those with serious medical conditions, the condition can become more severe and even lead to hospital admission.

Suggested by the Director of Microbiology “Common sense” prevails If influenza or covid-19 symptoms are observed in the general population minimize spread Be especially careful with the most vulnerable or those with underlying medical conditions. It is recommended to avoid going to crowded places, and if unavoidable, please wear a mask.

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