Erling Haaland and LeBron James are on the same team now

LeBron James and Erling Haaland They may be at different stages of their careers, but they are both determined beyond expectation Capture the vision in new campaigns as many times as needed Del Rey beats.

kings and vikings is the brand’s new campaign, officially presented on the one hand Erling Haaland appointed as new ambassadorshare many at the same time There are similarities between him and LeBron James.

Erling Haaland and LeBron James and their paths to success

Although today we see both characters at the peak of their success, this short film conveys all the hard work they have put in today, including their triumphs and failures.

Narration provided by Savannah James, LeBron’s wifeand Alfie Haaland, father of football player The name of the Manchester City team, which is an allegory to the basketball player’s nickname and Erling’s Norwegian heritage.

Erling Haaland LeBron James Erling Haaland LeBron James
Photo: Beats by Dre

For Haaland, joining Beats as an ambassador was almost an obvious step and, in his own words, he recognized that it was a Branding has long been a fundamental part of his pregame routine.

In the clip, you can also see Savannah and her children Bryce and Zhuri, who are also part of the Beats family and often share the stage with LeBron to show that they The brand has been a part of their lives since they started this journey..

Erling Haaland LeBron James Erling Haaland LeBron James
Photo: Beats by Dre

In addition to all of these roles, the video also showcases Beats Studio Pro and Beats Studio Buds models, both of which are capable of delivering signature sound with noise cancellation and spatial audio for an immersive experience during the day. .

Their fields are very different, but both James and Haaland know that success requires hard work and sacrifice, fighting again and again until they succeed.

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