Espa Gisele spoke about her unexpected connection with XG

She explains how she first heard about the group during aespa’s recent vlog.

Espa recently released a new one Econic vlog with participants Giselle And Karinawho took MY (aespa fans) behind the scenes of their dance videos with the lead singer Jeon Somi and global group XG.

(First photo from left:) aepsa’s Gisele and Jeon Somi (Second photo from left:) aespa’s Gisele, XG’s Chisa, Juriya, and aespa’s Karina | aespa/YouTube

The vlog began with filming of Jeon Somi and Gisele’s dance performance, where they performed aespa’s song “Better Things” and the talented soloist’s new song “Fast Forward.”

Gisele greeted Jeon Somi Kwanya (aka SM Entertainment(company building) for the first time, and the two best friends met each other while teaching choreography and trying SM Entertainment food.

In the next part of the vlog, Karina joined behind the scenes while she was getting ready, and she and Gisele discussed the upcoming filming of a dance competition with the XG members. Who knows And Yuri.

Karina said she ran into the group at Disneyland the day before and went from global K-Pop sensation to fangirl when she approached them and asked if they were really XG.

Kareena revealed that XG recognized her too, and while they were having lunch at an amusement park, they planned to make a TikTok together.

Their plans came true the day after the fateful meeting at Disneyland.

Discussing Kareena’s surprise meeting with XG, Gisele revealed that she shares a common bond with the global group.

Gisele stated that she felt like she had a connection with the group because they had the same vocal coach as trainees.

Gisele revealed that she had only heard praise for XG for their many talents even before their debut, thanks to their mutual connection.

Their TikTok with XG wasn’t their only recent global collaboration. Read the article below to know more about their recent collaboration with the TikTok influencer and singer. Bella Poarch.

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