Eufonica Jazz Band at the M&T Festival of San Bartolomeo al Mare

San Bartolomeo al Mare. As part of the XXIX edition of the prestigious M&T Festival of San Bartolomeo al Mare, under the skilful artistic direction of the “La Ritmica” association, Piazza Torre Santa Maria will be enlivened by a whole week of events and concerts, all with free admission.

Starting on Monday July 3 until Sunday 8, names such as Grazia di Michele, Derotta su Cuba, Danilo Amario and many other important artists will alternate. (Information here:,

An appointment for swing enthusiasts will be Wednesday July 5 with the acclaimed Euphonica Jazz Band. The famous band of the Ligurian Riviera will propose not only a jazz concert but also a concert/show: “A Hundred Years of Swing and Jazz”. Conceived and performed by “crooner” singer Amelia Simiotti, the show features retro imagery, details from jazz history, and a catchy “tap”.

Great tunes of the past, international standards, but the real surprise proposed by the band is the “contamination” between past and modern, pop and jazz, rhythms such as Charleston and Lindy Hop on songs by Amy Winehouse, Sting, ABBA, Lady Gaga. and many more! This “swinging” of methods and styles takes the public into an unusual and very welcome experience. To give liveliness and originality to “Tip Tap” by Alice and Giulia of the Officina dell’Arte of Genoa on the choreography of Romina Uguzzoni.

A delightful partnership between music, dance and improvisation, between band and tap dancers! Beautify shows projections of images and videos narrated by a narrator. Legitimate professionals from Western Liguria and the Conservatory of Nice are used in the training. The band consists of outstanding musicians of classical and jazz genre and teachers from best music institutes.

Amelia Simiotti – crooner vocals
Simone Giaccone – tenor sax, clarinet
Marco Neri – guitar
Mauro Demouro – double bass
Lorenzo Paesio – drums
Massimo Dal Pria – piano
Alice Mazza and Giulia Gribaudeau – Tap Dancers

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