Eugenia Martínez de Irujo Hydrating Body Cream

When an influencer shares their cosmetic discovery on social networks, the cream has been known to go out of stock the same day they upload their story to Instagram.And this time, history repeated itself Eugenia Martinez De Irujo What is her favorite face cream: “They all smell great”posted a story in which she shared her use of body moisturizer happiest legacyfrom Spanish company Eternia Cosmetics.

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As fall approaches (despite the coolness San Miguel summer brings), skin faces a major problem: dehydration. Typical temperature and seasonal changes can cause it to peel more easily, losing elasticity and healthy tone.

Well, on all these actions The happiest legacy. And it does this in a subtle way too, thanks to the ingredients it contains and its careful olfactory menu, which is its real strength. Autumn brings feelings of introspection, care, warmth… If during body care sessions you solve the problems of dryness, irritation and lack of moisture, while at the same time bringing a sense of well-being to your soul through aromas, everything will appear in another way color.

Etnia Cosmetics HAPPIEST HERITAGE Nourishing Glowing Body Lotion

HAPPIEEST HERITAGE Nourishing Glowing Body Lotion

Etnia Cosmetics HAPPIEST HERITAGE Nourishing Glowing Body Lotion

Image source: Etnia Cosmetics

This is a velvety textured body lotion that smells of sweet vanilla and sandalwood with a hint of cinnamon.Its recipe is Nasturtium extract, A powerful antioxidant also rich in Vitamin C, Calms and brightens skin. It leaves skin ultra-nourished and cared for and restores the healthy complexion lost during seasonal changes.

it also contains Kelp extractan ingredient used to combat inflammation and cellulite, together with iodine and mineral salts, effectively stimulates the skin’s metabolism, helping to break down and eliminate dead cells in the tissue for more even skin.

If that’s not enough, hyaluronic acid Plant-derived, ensuring cells retain moisture better, keeping skin nourished for longer. In short, it is a cream that not only hydrates but also completely repairs the skin.

The icing on the cake is its price. It is a body moisturizer. Super affordable: priced at €10.95.

Thanks to Eugenia for the discovery.

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