Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney reveals how her parents reacted to her nude scenes

director and screenwriter Sam Levinson is all set to stun its audience with the series SculptureStreaming exclusively on Sky and NOW from today, as it has already done Excitement, just one of the stars of the show Zendaya Has entered the qualification of the hottest scenes. let’s talk about Sydney Sweeney and her Cassie,

Born in 1997, this young actress is gaining worldwide attention for her always provocative roles, which play a lot on her generous size: it was like this for two seasons Excitement and for series White lotus, but it’s most likely with the first one that has left many fans in a tizzy. And not just that: In an interview with Willie Geist on a recent episode of sunday todayactually they told what it was Her parents’ reaction to the nude scenes in the series,

The mother, she revealed, was aware of perhaps the most “problematic” aspects of parenting, as she visited him on set and was aware of the highly sexualized story told by Sam Levinson in Euphoria. the same cannot be said about the fatherTo which Sidney Sweeney said nothing:

,I didn’t prepare at all» said Tara. “Mr. Sweeney” found himself again sitting with grandpa in front of the television Sidney and when he saw nude or sex scenes of his daughter and granddaughter «they closed everything and went, Perhaps her reaction is understandable, but fortunately the young actress can count on the unconditional support of her grandmother: «She is my biggest fan, I take her around the world to my sets and attend her as an extra,

She has no problem showcasing her niece’s body, a testimonial to the line of costumes by Frankie’s bikinis for a while, a well-known brand that has grabbed even more thanks to the limelight pink bathing suit worn by Sweeney In an episode of the second season (the one in the picture).

We will see the actress again in her first cinecomic madam webwhile in him how to find third season of Excitement we will do wait for 2025 apparently.

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