even Casillas hangs it around

Gerard Piqué will also be called the Bernabéu by his middle name, but he is not well liked in the Madrid area, as evidenced by a recent curtain call.

For many years now, the world of football has offered gems and stories that go far beyond the events taking place on the green rectangle. hearing in fact, very often it is one of the parallel worlds revolving around the balloon. In recent years, we have witnessed many loves that began, ended or continued through a thousand torments and became real. soap operas. Among them, relations between Gerard Piqué and Colombian pop star Shakirawhich has been “enriched” with a new hilarious chapter.

Iker Casillas and Gerard Piqué. (ansa-tvplay)

The story between them very often became the subject of public and social debate with the same protagonists very often catching each other on different levels. Questions and answers that also turned into gimmicks to promote their projects. From Royal League former Barcelona defender to the text of one of latest singles of the singer.

The last curtain was placed in Madridwhere Piqué is not exactly the idol of the house as he was the banner of the rivals Barcelonaa club that neither Real Madrid fans nor Atlético fans like. Welcome reserved for former football player in a nightclub in the Spanish capital, it has already gone viral. For the sake of completeness, there is reaction is a bit off topic. the person directly concerned, who shortly thereafter also suffered another jokeas unexpected as it is funny, from his friend and former teammate Iker Casillas.

The crowd provokes Pique, and Casillas loads

Sometimes releasing every detail to the point where personal life events become exciting can also backfire. That’s what happened to Gerard Piquéwho have used in the past arrows launched by former partner Shakira who teased him in a recent single.

Shakira. (ansa-tvplay)

From casio V Twingothe quarrel between the two is now history, as is the media coverage following the watch house’s sponsorship for Royal League after the release of the work, which turned out to be a medium boomerang for singer. However, this time Piqué broke the rules and inevitably paid the price.

Guest of one nightclub in madridex-Barcelona defender targeted by chorusShakira! Shakira!“from the crowd. He didn’t take it well and somewhat arrogantly reminded those present that he was the world champion and they were nobody. Another former world champion, his friend, made sure to return the smile. Iker Casillas that while this WWE-worthy curtain was going on, she asked the DJ to put on a play by Shakira and immediately left. Waka Waka generally funny. Great game too DJ which draws not just some part of a pop star, but exactly what was the soundtrack for the release World Cup in South Africathat is, the one won by Spain.

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