“Every body deserves to shine”

There curvy model jailyn chaney he lay in Bikini while sponsoring some swimwear and wanted to send a message body positivity To all the girls and boys who follow her on her social profiles where she has more than 200,000 followers followers,

After this the girl became famous among social media users. Complaint But airline companies So that they can guarantee more comfortable accommodation and seats for everyone, especially for overweight people who struggle to sit in tight seats. Video of complaint posted TIC Toc It has been viewed over 16 million times and has gone viral.

model message

A few days ago the curvy model decided to return to the theme of acceptance of her body through some shots in which she is shown smiling in the pool. Bikini Fuchsia.

Lizzo in bikini, body shaming and haters merciless criticism. She says: “My body is art”

Curvy model harassed for bikini photo: “Nothing wrong with me, being fat is not a mistake”

“Every Body Is A Bikini Body”

There curvy model posted some shots in pool with Bikini The fuchsia two piece, the upper has a zipper and some cutouts, while the lower piece is a high-waisted brief with black embellishments.

Jailyne smiles at the camera, which is filmed showing her body confidence. She recently said that she plans to show off a lot of bikinis this year to show everyone that every body is beautiful and can be stretched to shine.

Jailyne wrote: “This summer will be full of unforgettable moments and days at the pool and beach. Bikini season has just begun!”

fans love it Security It inspires the young model and never fails to lend her full support.

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