Evidence from 1997 exonerated Michael Jordan of Jerry Klaus Booth accusations during Bulls Ring of Honor

When the news was announced, many fans were excited to see Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman come together at the Chicago Bulls Ring of Honor ceremony. However, no celebrities attended the event and instead sent video messages. Additionally, the incident quickly turned ugly when fans booed in front of the widow of the late Jerry Krause.Jordan was criticized for Krause’s performance in the movie last dance Documentary series.However, a recent viral video can prove his magnanimity Not to blame.

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This video is from the 1997 Bulls ring ceremony. When Krause’s name was announced, the crowd erupted in boos.This fan account shared X and claimed the accusations against the five-time NBA MVP were baseless. This message was posted as a reminder that Bulls fans never liked Krause.


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While many fans agree with the idea, there are still some who aren’t convinced. Some believe Jordan was also the reason behind the 1997 boos. One fan commented, “That’s because Jordan and his PR team had controlled public opinion at the time.” The Last Dance The docuseries and Jordan have faced backlash from fans online because they believe the show’s portrayal of Klaus is negative.

After the sad reaction at the Ring of Honor ceremony, many fans expressed support for the former general manager and his widow and criticized the Bulls fan base. One thing is clear, though. It’s no secret that the Krauses and MJ were at odds during their time together in Chicago, with most fans siding with Air Jordan.

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Jerry Krause and Michael Jordan didn’t always see eye to eye. They didn’t agree on most things. Yet despite the issues, Krause still respected Jordan. He opened up about his relationship with the Hall of Famer in an unpublished memoir.


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Jerry Krause discusses his relationship with Michael Jordan

Excerpts from the memoir are as follows: “For me personally, despite the problems we had off the pitch, he was doing really well on the pitch and that was important. “He wants to win as much as I do and we are both driven by winning after winning and looking for any advantage. to keep it going. “

“…Are we good for each other? I think we make a great match. We are both stubborn, strong-willed competitors who take pride in our abilities and want to carve out our own place in the hierarchy of the game .”

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Jerry Krause subtly mocks LeBron James as he defends Bulls frenemy: ‘He never complains’

Krause played a huge role in the Bulls’ success. However, the end of the dynasty also saw some controversial decisions. But that doesn’t guarantee his widow will be booed. What do you think of the entire order? Let us know in the comments below.

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