Evolution of the flu in La Rioja “normal and downward”: Hotel San Pedro doubles 10 rooms – Logroño

health assurance The evolution of influenza in La Rioja “is normal” and is “decreasing”.

Apart from, Regarding the mandatory use of masks, Maria Martin proposed that if the incidence rate decreases in the second week, the masks can be removed in the third week.

Activities at the San Pedro Hospital are normal but continue within the prescribed hours There is a contingency plan with double beds on the sixth and seventh floors. In emergencies and admissions, the health department considers the situation to be normal. There are currently ten duplex rooms.

The health minister explained that the situation at San Pedro Hospital “follows the normal evolution of a normal flu in a normal year.” “Everything is normal in the hospital but we are still within the contingency plan and there are double beds on the sixth and seventh floors, but things are normal for emergencies and admissions.”

Currently, he said, there are “ten duplicate rooms.”

Regarding the mandatory wearing of masks in health centers and hospitals, the consultant explained that in La Rioja “if the number of masks is reduced in the second week, we will adopt the same approach as in other regions in the third week” it will be disuse. “mandatory,” but noted that “we have to be cautious because influenza epidemics ebb and flow.”

To this end, he said, “There has been a non-mandatory recommendation since July, which will remain in force.”

In a contingency plan that remains in effect, the health department plans to vaccinate children 6 months to 4 years old against the flu on the third and final day of the weekend.

On Saturday, January 13, 145 children were vaccinated. On Saturday, 61 more people were vaccinated.

Vaccination is designed to protect young children and vulnerable people.

Depending on the extent of the epidemic, influenza affects 20% to 40% of the pediatric population, with 5% of cases ending in hospitalization due to severity.

In every appointment, Dr. José Antonio Oteo insists on: “Vaccines save lives”.

This Saturday, the 27th, the third walk-in vaccination day will be available for children 6 months to 4 years old.

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