Ex-Arsenal star branded iron after losing bet: ‘It was terrible’

Former Reading star Leroy Lita has revealed that his former Royals team-mate Graham Stack was unable to train after losing a bet which saw him branded with an iron.

Despite playing all over the country during his long career, which is still ongoing following his return to non-league side Nuneaton Borough this summer, Lita is best known for his stint with Reading in the middle -late 2000s. Having joined the Royals in 2005 from Bristol City for £1 million, Lita helped Reading achieve promotion to the Premier League in his first season.

And the following season they managed to finish eighth in the top flight, with Lita becoming the Royals’ top scorer with 14 goals in all competitions. The 38-year-old recently appeared on the Under the Cosh podcast, where he revealed a host of stories from the past that had hosts Chris Brown, Chris “Brownie” Brown and John Parkin in stitches.

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One of the stories Lita told was about Graham Stack, who came through the ranks at Arsenal and was part of the Invincibles squad in the 2003/04 season before joining Reading. Brown asked Lita, “What’s your favorite Graham Stack story?”

And while he might have spent time thinking about his answer, Lita knew exactly what story he was going to tell, outlining how a lost bet led to his own friends branding Stack with a hot iron on the small of his back.

What do you think of Graham Stack Leroy Lita’s story? Let us know in the comments below.

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