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In summer, the media again talk about diets and horns. Even as a child I heard the saying: “Agosto, my wife, I don’t know you”, and I remember very well that the train that arrived on Saturdays from Turin to the Riviera was called the “train of cuckolds”. It was called Suppose the husband and wife, then still left alone, were busy with this topic in the city during the holidays.

Today there are also rankings: you read yesterday about Ashley Madison, a site specializing in extramarital affairs, which ranked Turin 10th out of 20 cities examined. In his commentary, Bardessano talks about the new crossroads of sin: the shopping centers: “Not only have they killed proximity commerce – writes his colleague – but they have also forced the closure of the traditional Turin clubs of the “malmeria”. Forced to stop singles. Bars from opening and war declared on nightclubs and swingers clubs, of which only two or three remain after flourishing a few years ago. Air-conditioning power? Not only .

Supermarkets do a great job even in winter. From the time I was young they were considered the perfect “cuckoo place” even more than dance halls. Women usually go there alone, and come to him with the excuse “I saw you got those biscuits, are they good?” this is easy. Once you’re hooked, if you’re loose, everything else follows, even if you’re not Brad Pitt.

And if it goes badly, you throw the hook back, like all fishermen. The beauty is that all these cuckoo techniques are avoided by sites like Ashley Madison, where only people who already intend to “fe lolly” go, without risking misunderstanding. But it is very simple. It’s like fishing in farm tanks. Who knows which will be the top ranked city in Sports Horn?

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