Exercises you should do to avoid dying prematurely and live longer

A healthier longevity exercise than walking and running

Doing exercise is essential. It helps us lose weight, feel better, and get stronger. On the contrary, a sedentary lifestyle worsens our physical health and is associated with many diseases.so It is vital that exercise becomes a part of our lives.


Everyone has their own favorite sport. They’re all good, but some are better than others. Each has different benefits for our health.In fact, science shows there is a very specific factor Increase our chances of living a long life.

Anaerobic exercise not only helps build muscle

It is always recommended to join a gym

A common mistake in fitness is to think that weightlifting is a sport reserved for the strongest.. In fact, it works in all fields and is highly recommended.For example, when we want slim down It’s best to combine aerobic exercise, such as running, walking, or cycling, with anaerobic exercise to avoid losing too much muscle mass.

Additionally, a study Annals of Internal Medicine Confirm This exercise can also prolong your life. It may also prevent common diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or neurodegenerative diseases. Weight training is more effective than running or walking for this goal.as it can reduce the chance of premature death by 22%.

How to lift weights without going to the gym?

Many people feel disappointed because they think they can only get anaerobic exercise by paying to go to the gym.But no, that’s not necessary. This sport can be played without leaving home. You can buy dumbbells or weights at affordable prices in any store, and on the Internet there are hundreds of exercise stations that can help you a lot.

In fact, it is not even necessary to have materials: there are exercises, such as push-ups or sit-ups, with which we can exercise without using weights.. Any training based on repeated short and high-intensity efforts works for us. This increases the percentage of muscle mass in our body, making us live longer. So stop thinking and try your luck.

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