EXMA founder says Barack Obama was key to bringing Tom Brady to Mexico

Mexico, October 14 (EFE) – Mexican businessman Fernando Anzures, founder and director of EXMA, said the participation of former US President Barack Obama in one of his events was Tom Brady opened the door, Tom Brady is the best player in the world. NFL history, will agree to come to Mexico on October 24-25.

“Barack Obama in 2019 allowed us to go through some processes that gave us access to very senior speakers; he took us to Tom Brady’s office and they told us you fit these characteristics, He is interested in coming to Mexico because they are a trustworthy company in Latin America,” the businessman told EFE.

Tom Brady, winner of seven Super Bowl rings, will headline the “Heroes and Doers” event at the National Auditorium in Mexico City.

Organized by content, marketing and leadership training platform EXMA, the event will feature celebrities from the worlds of business, sports and entertainment telling their success stories.

Anzurez shared a conversation he had with Brady, assessing the imprint the former Patriots and Buccaneers quarterback will leave on the Mexican entrepreneur.

“I asked him, when did you dream of being the best of all time? He said: I never dreamed of being the best of all time. I dreamed of being the best of myself and no one believed in me, not even after me.” One Super Bowl, they don’t think he’s going to win two, three… They say he can only win with the Patriots, they don’t believe he’s going to do that with the Buccaneers. This is a matter of mentality. “

Fernando Anzures stressed that this response showed him what a figure like the former field marshal would contribute.

“The theme they’re going to learn is how to use their mind, turn it into an ally; that’s what I call going from ‘executor’ or ‘doer’ to hero, and that’s why we put him in the center because any As long as you have a real plan, you can achieve what you set out to do.

The businessman believes Tom Brady’s speech will resonate as much as Barack Obama’s speech in Colombia in 2019.

“Barack Obama faced 6,000 people in Bogota, and it was so spectacular that we decided to do a massive educational event there; like, an educational concert.”

Anzurez said that in addition to Brady, Obama will be a key figure in bringing development and personal finance book author Tony Robbins to Mexico in 2022, who has worked with former U.S. President Bill Clinton Clinton; former tennis players Andre Agassi and Serena Williams; and actor Hugh Jackman.

In 2023, “Heroes and Doers” will star Dominican Vilma Núñez, a digital marketing professional; Colombian Hensey Vega, founder of Lebrand Studio; British Duncan Wardle, a Chinese Former Vice President of Innovation and Creativity at Walt Disney Company; Arturo Elías Ayub, Director of América Móvil, etc.

He concluded: “We are not just an event platform, we are a ‘disruptor’ in the way teaching is done, and we strive to become a corporate university; a driver of change in education in Latin America, and this is the next step for this company.” .

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