Exosome therapy is the latest treatment for skin and hair regeneration

Research Regenerative ability of exosomesbut didn’t find out until now Aesthetic Medicine Already starting to benefit from them. Exosomes are extracellular vesicles released by cells for communication with each other. They range in size from 30 to 150 nm and contain genetic material, DNA, RNA, microRNA, growth factors, proteins and other substances that allow information to be transferred from one cell to another.as the doctor explained Pilar Benitomedical director Slow Life Museum”, “Most importantly, they contain the basic capabilities of stem cells and the necessary regenerative materials to transmit signals from stem cells to cells that need repair. ”

In other words, exosomes Contains biologically active moleculessuch as proteins and RNA, which have Regeneration characteristics and repairman.Apparently, they can stimulate repair damaged tissue and promote regenerationcell phone. A true discovery in aesthetic medicine.

Benefits of exosomes for skin

this exosomes Have a positive impact on health Skin appearance. Below, we mention some of them:

  • They deeply moisturize. Exosomes help maintain and restore skin moisture.Thanks Lipids they contain, strengthen skin barrier and reduce water loss, thereby maintaining hydrated skin and soft.

  • they stimulate production collagen and elastin.Provides two key proteins sturdiness and elasticity to the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkle and fine lines.

  • they reduce this inflammation.Some exosomes contain anti-inflammatory factors that may provide Calm skin and reduce their redness.it’s good for people sensitive skin or easily irritated.

  • repairdamage Skin.They contributed to the restoration sunburned skin, he Ageing or other factors.

  • They improve skin texture. By stimulating cell turnover and reducing the appearance of enlarged pores, they can undoubtedly improve the appearance of the face, making it smoother and more even.

  • Reduce occurrence stains dark

  • They protect against oxidative stress.Thank you for your Antioxidantsthese protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals and exposure to environmental factors.

  • Effect Anti-Aging. The combination of the above benefits, such as collagen stimulation, hydration, and reduced inflammation, results in a plumper appearance. furyounger and more radiant.

Exosomes have a positive impact on the health and appearance of the skin.Launchmetrics Focus

The best part is that the exosomes remain active for six to eight months after treatment, so the effects last longer than after treatment. Botulinum toxin.

They also help “seal” the skin after laser treatment and reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions because they eliminate post-laser irritation.

This is how aesthetic protocols work

If you don’t like needles, you’re in luck because this treatment uses painless microneedles that are introduced into the skin. Demapen (A microneedle device that makes tiny pricks on the skin to stimulate Fibroblasts). As the microneedles reach deeper layers of the skin, the protocol can adjust their intensity and become a medical treatment.

“After deep cleansing the skin, microneedles are used to open skin channels to allow exosomes to penetrate. A personalized mask is then applied to each patient,” the doctor said. Benedict.

they need one At least 3 meetings, 15 days apart. Effects depend on the individual case, but will appear 2 to 3 days after treatment. An additional course of treatment after 6 or 12 months is recommended to maintain results. In general, all skin types can benefit from exosome therapies as they have a wide range of benefits. Especially suitable if you have dull skin, acne problems, blemishes, uneven texture, enlarged pores and fine lines. It’s also a great option for those who want to take their laser treatments to the next level.

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Exosomes make hair thicker, fuller

In addition to all the above benefits, exosomes Promote hair growththank you for your fGrowth actor and proteins that strengthen hair fibers.Which Prevent breakage hair and make it stronger. This treatment may be a good option if you suffer from hair loss because, according to some experts, exosomes capture quiescent hair follicles and bring them into the anagen phase, thereby increasing the number of hair Visible and its diameter. That is to say, “hair“With volume and density. On the other hand, they carried Moisturizing effect in fiber and scalp, essential for keeping hair healthy and soft.this exosome therapyApart from, Improve texture hair, making it easier to manage and increasing glow and brightness

the same.

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