Experts describe the country’s work on antimicrobial resistance

Dominican Republic Various works were displayed at the meeting by representatives of the medical delegation Infectious Diseases Society of America Congress.

this is about Rita A. Rojas Fermín, PhD MD FIDSAService Coordinator and Program Director, Infectious Disease Inpatient Unit, Health Plaza General Hospital, and Graduate Arnel Guzmán Marte and the Microbiology Research Team and Infectious Disease Services.

The works displayed by the experts include: “DR Candidemia in a tertiary hospital: 6 years old“,”Results of molecular testing for pneumonia implemented in a hospital in the Dominican Republic: expanded search and management” and”Following the WHO priority pathogen list: carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in a hospital in the Dominican Republic“.

These works provide important information on antimicrobial resistance in the Dominican Republic and highlight the importance of adopting new technologies and the need to continue introducing new antimicrobial molecules in the country.

During the conference Dr. Rojas appointed as IDSA Academic Member In the Dominican Republic.


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