Experts recommend incorporating retinol back into your daily routine, here are four tips

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While retinol and summer are not incompatible, people often forego using retinol during the summer due to concerns about sun damage. If this happens to you, heed the experts’ advice and once again incorporate retinol into your daily routine.

Lorena EscrivaPharmacist and Technical Director of Mabo FarmaSkin routine laboratory Paloma Sancho, and Paloma Sancho Already created a “Guidelines for Using Retinol After Summer” This will help you include it bit by bit so that Your skin continues to revitalize and take care of itself Contains multifunctional active ingredients.

4 Tips for Incorporating Retinol into Your Daily Life Again

Choose liposomal retinol

The retinol must be of high quality, such as a serum containing liposomal retinol (which releases more slowly), and in addition, have bakuchiol and/or niacinamide (VIT B3) in the formula, as they are more effective than Serum containing retinol is better tolerated without liposomes.

Start using it little by little

Retinol should be used at night Start with concentration low and gradually increase so your skin can tolerate it. It is recommended to apply twice weekly, with more frequent use based on each individual’s tolerance.


this cleansing It is always key to any nursing process. Clean your face carefully every morning and evening. In the evening, you must cleanse your face before applying retinol, and in the morning, it is also important to cleanse your skin of any residue that may remain on it.

key aspects

Retinol should always be used at night, on a clean, dry face. Apply a pea-sized amount to face, avoiding the eye contour area. Using circular motions, apply product evenly until completely absorbed. After about 10 minutes of application, your usual moisturizer can be applied. When you wake up, it’s important to wash your face thoroughly before starting to apply the cream. Don’t forget sunscreen!

Eliminate all active ingredients

N°3 Retinol Serum 0.3% with Bakuchiol and Niacinamide

Paloma Sancho’s SkinRoutine Retinol Serum It is “suitable for all audiences” because in addition to containing retinol, its formula also contains active ingredients such as bakuchiol or niacinamide. “This serum Contains 0.3% Retinol, an ideal percentage to start incorporating into your daily routine. Additionally, it is liposomal, which improves its permeability and stability and helps reduce irritation,” said Paloma Sancho, the company’s founder.

“he Bakuchiol, Known as Vegan Retinol, Helps reduce expression lines, Increases elasticity and improves skin’s texture and softness.Through contact with retinol, the effect is enhanced and the formula is richer Suitable for all skin types”, beauty experts pointed out. “We added niacinamide because it can strengthen the skin barrier and improve the appearance of wrinkles, Lightens spots and treats acne. Retinol also has this effect and it is enhanced by this active ingredient with high skin tolerance,” he concludes.

Paloma Sancho’s SkinRoutine products are available in drugstores, online and on Amazonthey are gender-neutral and developed for all skin types, including the most sensitive ones.

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