Experts warn of frequent occurrence of floaters, keratitis and pink eye in summer

Specialist of the Institute of Clinical Ophthalmic Surgery (ICQO) Warning about frequency of floaters, keratitis, red eye, trauma, inflammation, severe eye pain or sudden blindness in summer Because these are the main causes of ophthalmic emergencies.

Known vision “floaters,” red or dry eyes are just some of the nuisance problems. They can become more uncomfortable due to increased clarity or changes in the environment and air conditioning.

sometimes, They thought it was a fluke and didn’t go to the ophthalmic emergency room, wait for the symptoms to subside or even manipulate the eyes. “act as soon as possible see an eye doctor if needed It is critical to avoid further damage. This can lead to loss of vision or damage to the eyeball,” says Sergio Eguiza, a doctor at the Institute of Clinical Surgery of Ophthalmology (ICQO).

also, It is important to prevent eye diseases Because, if the eyes are not adequately protected, these May suffer from sunburn from prolonged exposure to the sun They manifest as redness, tearing, irritation, pain, and a gritty sensation.

This is a common disease in summer ‘You can wash your eyes with water or saline’ before going to the emergency roomBut it is important that emergency ophthalmologists evaluate whether any medication should be administered to counteract this effect,” explains the doctor.

On the other hand, the greater clarity of this period makes it known that “Floaters” become more intense and annoying.These are changes in form Coagulation within the vitreous or due to detachment of the vitreousIt’s more common with age and nearsightedness, but it can happen to anyone.

“usually Patient eventually gets used to his fliesBut if there is persistence, visual discomfort, or excessive size, vitreolysis may be used, where a laser breaks it up into very small fragments. Vitreoretinal surgery can also be performed”, emphasizes Dr. Eguiza.

It also highlights Keratitis This manifests itself in summer for two reasons: Due to sun exposure and access to swimming pools and beaches. Keratitis can produce varying degrees of eye discomfort, red eye, and sometimes vision loss. In such cases, it is necessary to go to an ophthalmic emergency room to evaluate the eye impact, its possible origin and treatment.

“When corneal inflammation affects only the epithelium, it is a type of superficial keratitis and usually heals without further problems. Sometimes it affects the deeper layers of the cornea and may impair vision. And it’s even very difficult to treat, leaving scars as a sequelae,” Eguiza noted.

at last, Common conditions include red eyewhich is usually given by infectious conjunctivitisbut can also mean acute glaucoma, corneal damage, or uveitis, or misuse of contact lenses in the summer; and trauma, caused by bruising, which can cause inflammation, bleeding, cataracts, or glaucoma, and in five percent of cases , severe blows may cause retinal detachment.

Tips for protecting your eyes in summer

To avoid these ailments, experts stress the importance of taking care of your eyes during the summer.For this, the most important thing is have sunglassesalso pay special attention to the crystals, as each color represents a different condition.

“Green is farsightedness, brown for myopiaThe yellow ones are for those with retinal problems, and the neutral ones are for those with photophobia,” says Eguiza.

For people who wear contact lenses, doctors recommend “do not wash with water, but with a special solution” For contact lenses, and those that are drier due to air conditioning or drier than the environment you frequent, This can be suggested removing contact lenses and using artificial tears“.

Also, it is important Rule out contact lens use in water, as it can cause a variety of eye infections.To avoid damage, Dr. Eguiza recommends “Use diving glasses or even prescription sunglasses”. “It’s important that they protect the eye, even with contact lenses, to minimize damage to the eye. Good protection means we don’t have to give up using contact lenses in water,” he concluded.

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