Extremadura to start vaccinations against coronavirus and influenza on October 16

The Government of Extremadura will start a vaccination campaign against the coronavirus and seasonal influenza next Monday, October 16, to protect the most vulnerable in the community.

The goal set by the Extremadura Health Service (SES) for the joint campaign, which will end on January 31, is to achieve a vaccination rate of 75% among the elderly, health and social health staff, and over 60%. Pregnant women and people with at-risk conditions.

The autonomous region has 50,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19which increases as the activity progresses, will help in the face of New variant XBB.1.5.

it also has 100 doses of vaccine From HIPRA Labs, for those Users with contraindications to injecting messenger RNA vaccines.

The Extremadura government reported in a press release on Wednesday that the campaign targets groups at higher risk of complications or serious illness, with priority given to residents of social health centers and those aged 80 and above. of the population vaccinated.

People over 60 must be vaccinated; Prisoners in centers and residences for persons with disabilities, as well as long-term institutionalized persons and residents of closed institutions.

The same goes for people under 60 who have medical conditions that increase their risk of getting the flu or coronavirus.; Pregnant women in any trimester of pregnancy; Postpartum (within 6 months after delivery) and unvaccinated women during pregnancy.

Likewise, people who live with someone who has serious medical complications if they have these conditions.

Essential professionals must also be vaccinated to reduce the impact and maintain critical and essential services in the community.

Staff of public and private health and social hygiene centers and institutions, as well as staff of essential public services such as national security forces and institutions, civil protection and firefighters.

New targets for influenza

When getting the flu vaccine This year, as a new initiative, vaccination is recommended Children 6 to 59 months also to Number of smokers under 60 years old.

In this campaign, SES has invested €3,353,282 in purchasing 340,300 doses of flu vaccine were administered, an increase of 27,000 doses from the previous event.

In view of scientific evidence and new recommendations from health authorities, COVID-19 vaccinations will be carried out regularly and seasonally from this year onwards. The most severe period of viral spread each year coincides with the flu.

It is generally not recommended that people under the age of 60 without risk factors receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Vaccination is recommended regardless of the number of previous doses, but at least 3 months must have passed since the last vaccination or infection.

The target group of this activity is as long as they can travel, and the vaccination locations are local health centers or clinics that are frequently visited.

If you do not belong to SES but belong to Muface, Mugeju and Isfas Mutual Aid Association, vaccination will be done at the health center or clinic closest to your home.

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