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Our starting point is very low. Existing laws were written to regulate 80s and 90s technology, in a world where today’s technology was unimaginable. I hope people understand why we need to act. If we are truly committed to cultural change, the balance of power between us and these companies must first change. We need to change our expectations about what we are entitled to in terms of information.

During the recent congressional hearings on artificial intelligence, US senators unanimously declared that we were wrong about social media and that this time we need to do the right thing. But social media is unabated, and Congress hasn’t passed even the most important laws to correct the mistakes.

We still live in the trap of social media. Does the first step back to walk away from the AI ​​abysspeople will begin to understand that there are very pressing problems today. First of all, the need for real intervention in social networks.

Do you see progress?

In the United States it’s starting to glimpse reversing the trend in the relationship between social media and childhood. Let’s think about the social media guidelines published last month by the Surgeon General, America’s highest public health authority. If you were to ask me in 2021 if we would see a breakthrough in social media like the one that happened with tobacco in two years, I would answer: “Absolutely impossible“. Instead, the surgeon general said social media could be harmful to children.

Do you think these readings will have a significant effect? The requested changes are voluntary.

Very few such guidelines have been issued since the 1960s. and they have always provided the guarantees we take for granted today.. Historically, in most cases it has been two or three years since these recommendations have been the subject of large-scale intervention.

Do you think laws will come?

If the question is:Will we get the necessary laws within the next two years?I reply that this is highly unlikely. But I believe they will arrive within 5-10 years..

Meanwhile, Meta has shifted its focus to the metaverse and generative AI.

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