Fall 2023 Hairstyle Trends: Celebrity Hairpin

Typical of 90s hairstyles, over time fleece it disappeared from the streets, moving to the walls of the house as a convenient solution for collecting hair away from prying eyes. V 2023 It-girls are bringing it back to street style: From summer to fall, celebrity Instagram feeds and paparazzi shots are a repository of cool hairstyles achieved using claw clips. One day you wake up and…

Kendall Jenner posts a photo of herself with a hair clip on her profile. The next time you scroll through the home page, you stop to look at her sister Kylie, who is wearing a very similar dress. But it doesn’t end there: also in a very short time. Kim Kardashian immortalized on the streets of Los Angeles by yet another length-stopping claw clip. And you can’t help but turn around, even from behind your phone screen, and look at him.

Not just the idea of ​​the Kardashians: in the last period to boast fleeceOn the street and on Instagram, celebrities range from influencers to singers: Chiara and Valentina Ferragni, Rosalia and Hailey Bieber, for example. Among them are Taylor Swift, who recently appeared in a selfie on her friend Selena Gomez’s profile. To softly decorate her hairstyle, you can use a claw clip.

The floral hair clip, a favorite of Gen Z, has dominated trends in recent warmer months.autumn 2023 promises to be more diverse, allowing every type of clawed accessory to make its official debut in town without any shame: the days when showing a clip in public, let alone at a party or important event, was considered sleazy are clearly over. In fashion, it’s time to be cool, comfortable and chic at the same time. From medium to long haircuts, from straight to curly hair, from updos to half-up hairstyles, the ideas for styling curls with clips are endless, and they can’t wait to appear on everyone’s hair, bolder and more irreverent than ever. So, here is a collection of celebrity photos from which you can draw inspiration.

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