For many, the life of celebrities is worthy of envy: popularity, work in the artistic profession, money… However, there are many “celebrities” who have shown the dark side of fame. And the fact is that sometimes the rhythm that must be followed to keep the wave crest comes into conflict with topics such as family reconciliation or mental health, which is why many actors and singers end up reaching the heights of their careers. fireplace.

Emily Blunt captivated the public with her article in Oppenheimer, giving life to the biologist Kitty Oppenheimer, representative of the physical protagonist of this successful film that Barbenheimer so inspired. But wanting to use the job to further his career, Blunt admitted that he decided to take a sabbatical after filming the film. What is the reason? Family reconciliation: I want to spend more time with my children. “How compatible are you two? I don’t feel like I did it right… Because I’m not working this year,” the actress explained to host Bruce Brozzi on the Table for Two podcast. Ryan Gosling is another contemporary actor. His work in Barbie, which gave life to Ken, was noted by critics and audiences, making his name a possible candidate for an Oscar.

However, the actor also took a break from his career before becoming the icon he is today. “The best thing for me is to take the time to evaluate what I do, how and why,” I told Today in 2013, admitting that I had “lost perspective” even though I was only looking back at 2014. to 2015. Triumphant again in music for a year, mainly after breaking up with ex-footballer Gerard Pique, the father of his two sons (Sasha and Milan), he was never active.

A hemorrhage in one of his vocal tracks brought it to an end in 2017, and thanks to the return of the Colombian there was no such thing as popularity and production of works as now, returning to the top with themes like on “Acróstico”, “Monotonía”, “ Te felicito” or about collaboration with Bizarrap.

Singer Selena Gomez was the idol of an entire generation, and in the early decades of the 2000s, she was the artist of the moment. She previously worked for Disney, was a youth icon in performance and music, and was called the “Queen of Instagram” for being the artist with the most followers in that category.

However, Selena has tried to put her career on hold several times since then. In 2013, I had to stop on the road because I suffered from a rare disease – lupus. In 2016, his mental health was a result of his struggle with this disease, the reason I went further down the road: “I want to be active and focus on my health and happiness, and I decided that the best way to get relief from this was to temporarily removing me from the stage,” I said in a press release. Also in 2023, Selena returned to the other side of the social ladder, after indirectly crossing with model Hailey Bieber, married to singer Justin Bieber, with whom Selena had a popular romance in the past. But in this case I went back a few weeks.


Demi Lovato is another Disney ambassador who marked an entire generation and became a youth icon. And like many of you, you share not only your fate as an idol and a celebrity, but also life’s harsh blows.

Because Demi Lovato tried to take a break from her career several times due to mental health problems and drug addiction. The last one was in 2021, when I wanted to enter a rehabilitation center.


Chris Hemsworth is one of the most desirable men of his generation. The actor who brought Thor to life in the Marvel films has received as much admiration as he has been praised for his incredible physique.

But while weighing his fame, he tried to withstand adversity. Based on the documentary Limitless with Chris Hemsworth, the actor discovered that his genetics make him 8 to 10 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. That’s why I wanted to come home one more time: “I’ll go home, spend time with my kids, get married and try to simplify everything,” he explained in an interview with Vanity Fair. Previously, Hemsworth had a hard time with his family, and now, like that time, many are hoping for a return.

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