Famous thief: “I don’t want to steal Messi out of respect”

Raids and robberies of celebrities’ homes appear to be becoming a very dangerous habit. Sergio Ramos His family were the last to experience this sad event, but they were not the only ones. What’s more, now we can even rely on the testimony of one of the thieves, who told how he carried out some of the thefts.

albertthat’s how he wants to be mentioned Carlos Cuelleshe was able to interview him on the “El Español” podcast “Open Summary” where he spoke for the first time Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo and Johan Cruyff. “We robbed Benzema without him being caught. We were also behind the robbery of Cristiano in Madeira, but the loot was not interesting.”

In 2012, Cruyff’s house was attacked, although they didn’t know it was his when they first entered his home. However, upon entering he noticed pictures of himself with Dennis Bergkamp and others. They took around €20,000 in stolen goods from the house.

Now Albanian Kosovar boss found in search and capturereturn Say “No” to other attackseven naming football players he has not attacked and will not attack, Leo Messieven pointing out that he had the opportunity to do so: “I’ve stopped people trying to attack Macy’s house many timesthose who asked me, but I couldn’t stop them all… This time I was able to do it and I’m very proud of this“.

He also didn’t steal anything from Messi’s parents’ home.

The boss even admitted that they have been able to raid the home of the Inter Miami football player’s parents: “Recently, almost a year, I think, there have been other people who have suggested that, although it was not their house, it was their parents’ house. Parents, from Messi family. Messi is already in Paris. I went to see him because I know him well and I know the area well and I didn’t want to do it, I didn’t do it out of respect for Messi, because I love him, that’s all.”, added.

Alberto calls himself, He controlled more than 100 people who “relyed on him or required him for permission and information to carry out robberies, depending on what”As he pointed out before in Sonthos Now, this is why he also has the ability to control other groups from carrying out certain attacks, such as Messi’s.

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