Fans accuse LeBron James of ‘tampering’ TikTok star Jordan ‘Stallion’ mocks Kings 10 days after White Sox first pitch

In the ever-evolving world of entertainment, acts of enlightenment often do more harm than good. LeBron James experienced this firsthand after “Stallion” Jordan accused the Kings of copying his style. The TikTok star’s taunt came 10 days after his debut with the White Sox, sparking controversy.

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Fans soon joined in, accusing the 38-year-old of “tampering”. The NBA superstar was ridiculed, which sparked an online drama.

Why did Stallion Jordan mock LeBron James?


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Recently, the Los Angeles Lakers star spread the word while promoting his collaborative brand LIFEWTR. With a title, “Stay hydrated,” I have already talked about the benefits of drinking water in your daily life. What particularly caught everyone’s attention was the introduction of the video, as its approach prompted comparisons.

his opening remarks “I have something for you. Come here,” Combining his gestures and amplification attracts his followers. But that didn’t go over well with creator Jordan Howlett, aka “Stallion Jordan,” as he berated the NBA star.After being popular for a while using a similar framework, Howlett jokingly asked “Answer”.

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At first he looked surprised “What happened there?” while reacting to the clip from the four-time champion. Despite being a celebrity and even getting a chance to pitch recently, Jordan kept the atmosphere light. Shortly thereafter, his followers joined in to express their thoughts on LeBron’s behavior.

How did Jordan fans react?


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One fan said, “No, bro,” to express his distaste for the arrival of the 19-time All-Star. He jokingly accused James and said: “LeCopyright is tampering with your signature moves.” Others also expressed support for content creators, such as “He stole it from you” become popular.

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One basketball fan took to the comments section to come up with the greatest debate scenario of all time. Using Michael Jordan as a reference, I emphasize, “LeBron feels inferior to anyone named Jordan.” Others called out the Lakers talisman directly, such as: “How dare I ‘come here’!?!” Support for Howlett gains momentum as viewers love his quote “LeBronson” More important than anything else.


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All in all, the TikTok sensation’s fan base supported the athlete’s actions, especially not giving Jordan the credit he deserved. LeBron has yet to react to the entire situation, but it’s unclear if he will. The entire interaction highlights the global power of social media as it does not forgive even the greatest legends.

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