Fans say Kylie Jenner’s mega-mansion looks like a ‘doll house’

Kylie Jenner’s impressive real estate portfolio has been the talk of the town this year. First, when she built out her massive five-acre property in Hidden Hills, which she bought in 2020 for $15 million, to begin building her “mega-mansion of her dreams.” And then when fans criticized her “soulless” Palm Springs estate for looking like Costco. Well, the reality TV star is getting attention again as new photos of the construction progress of her Hidden Hills property have been posted on Instagram and people are shocked at the construction site.

The Instagram account @housesofcelebs, which also posted photos of Jenner’s Costco home, recently posted a carousel of photos showing an aerial view of the construction site. Clearly, a lot of progress has been made on her new home, as the land was completely empty when the beauty mogul originally bought it. The post’s caption states that the house (if you can call it that) will have 15 bedrooms when completed, but that’s not what fans are excited about.

Many commenters are completely unimpressed with the mansion’s actual construction, with one calling it a “doll’s house” and another writing that it looks like it’s made of cardboard. Some have asked why the 18,000 square foot mansion is located on a lot without grass, but we think it’s safe to say that the current lack of greenery is due to the fact that it’s an active construction zone, so we’re not going to blame Jenner for that. (Although she should really plant some big trees around if she wants to make the property as valuable as possible.)

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While a large number of commenters have categorically rejected this long-awaited progress at the Jenner mansion, we’re not going to rush to any judgment. We’ll save our final thoughts for when we get to see mom decorate her new mansion. We know she has room there for a 12-car garage, but what else does she plan to do with that space? Stay tuned for more details on what’s to come with the 26-year-old’s new space. We have a feeling she’ll be making headlines soon.

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