FantaLeone 2023, winners of the fantasy game dedicated to Venice 80

The 80th Venice Film Festival ended with a list of winners that convinced almost everyone. Despite the almost complete absence of Hollywood films, the competition was able to give us titles that we will be hearing about in the coming months and years. One above all, Golden Lion Poor things (Poor creatures!). The masterpiece of Yorgos Lanthimos, a favorite announced from the very beginning of the festival, obviously also characterized almost all formations of the fantasy game promoted and created by CinecittàNews: FantaLeone. The film with Emma Stone was chosen 64% of the time versus 50%. I’m the captain (winner of two awards: director and emerging actor) and 35% Priscilla. Among the films that did not win awards, the most chosen film – a real disappointment for many – was Great Dane Man (36%), followed by Owner up to 30%. Least chosen among the winners was Memory (9%) and most neglected Von Allem’s theory of deathon which only 6% were bet.

To play FantaLeone, you were asked to represent a team of five films, from which you had to choose a “cult film” that would double your points. A decisive factor was also the “countdown bonus”, which was given to those who completed the training long before the awards ceremony. Hundreds of you took part in the first edition of FantaLeone. Now we will name the top five finishers.

In the fifth and fourth positions we find Beppe Manzi (@beppemanzi) with his “Team OKIDOKI” and Alessandro Padovani (@ale.padovani) with his team “Andrey is the only guide”. Both scored 260 points, choosing Poor things like a cult film along with I’m the captain, Evil doesn’t exist AND Green border. Both missed the mark with the fifth pick, betting accordingly. Owner AND La Bette.

Second and third places are still equal, the gap is 270 points. Pablo Tarvers (@_pablotraversa) – team name Pablo PabloTar – e Manuela Russo (@quellabruna) with his team “Fantastic”. Pablo is the only one in this ranking who bet on El Conde like Cult Movie, supported by regular I’m the captain, poor things AND Evil doesn’t existplus “useless” Great Dane Man. Manuela’s team looks like this: Poor things (CM), Priscilla, Finally the dawn, I am the captain, El Conde. In both cases, the 20 point bonus they received for training before the start of the show was crucial to their rise in the rankings. In fact, their choice was a brilliant intuition made before they could even watch the films or read any reviews.

The same thing happened with the overall winner, who waited until August 31st (16 CD points) before submitting a near-perfect lineup worth 306 points: not bad considering the maximum possible points was 226. We’re talking about Marco Gualtieri (@pillole_di_bellezza_official) and his team “Mr. D.” comprises Poor things like a cult film, along with I, captain, there is no such thing as evil, Priscilla. AND Green border. Congratulations to Marco and his impressive cinematic sixth sense.

As with FantaOscar, FantaLeone ends in success, allowing hundreds of fans to participate even more actively in Italy’s most important film festival. CinecittàNews fantasy games will be back soon so you can compare your favorite films, compete together and have fun with your favorite passion: the seventh art.

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