Fantastic Four Starring Vanessa Kirby and Joseph Quinn

Reboot Fantastic film Marvel 4 perhaps he found his Sue and Johnny Storm, the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch: they must be Vanessa Kirby and Joseph Quinn according to some very persistent rumors of the last few hours. Two rising film and TV stars ready to shine even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fantastic Four, Vanessa Kirby and Joseph Quinn as the Storm Brothers

In a recent edition of The Hot Mic, sources revealed that the actress is from Mission Impossible Vanessa Kirby was confirmed in95%for the role of Sue Storm. Just the same it seems that Joseph Quinn, star of Stranger Thingswas confirmed in80-90% like Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch.

Jeff Snyder in the episode he revealed that Vanessa Kirby is the central figure upon which Marvel Studios bases the film.. During the promotional campaign for the latest Mission: Impossible, Kirby said that “it would be an honor” Play Invisible Woman Marvel.

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In addition to Mission: Impossible, Kirby captivated audiences with the Fast Saga series Hobbs & Shaw and won an award. Oscar nominations for the film “Pieces of a Woman”.

Joseph Quinn instead he won us over (spoiler) by playing Metallica in Upside Down as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things. His nerdy experience can provide a fresh perspective on this role previously played by the likes of Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan.

As motivated as they may seem, these are just rumors. Especially now that the actors’ strike is preventing Marvel from closing the casting. And not only them: Matt Smith and Ebon Moss-Bachrachwho could play Reed Richards. Even if some think that Moss-Bachrach could play a role Noreen Rudd, also known as the Silver Surfer.

Snyder also seems to think the villain will be Galactus, with a Hispanic actor in the role.

At the moment, it is only known who will be the director Matt Shakmanwith script Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer. And that the cast will not actually be announced until the strike is over. Let’s hope this doesn’t push back the release date set for May 2, 2025

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