Fashionista Serena Williams unhappy with Olympics over her evolution from sport

Serena Williams’ career includes competing in and winning several major events. While she has traveled the globe to build her legacy, her love for Roland Garros is unmistakable. Recently, the tennis legend expressed his sadness after learning that the Olympics will be held at Roland Garros.

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But despite being a true supporter of the sport, why is she unhappy with the move? While the tennis star herself enjoyed playing at Roland Garros, she was sad to miss out on the chance to play in Paris during her career.

Serena Williams expresses displeasure with Paris Olympics


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In a recent interview with VOGUE, tennis superstar Serena Williams shared her thoughts on the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics. The event would be held at the iconic Roland Garros stadium, something that got Serena thinking and ultimately made her envious of the opportunity.

The three-time French Open champion expressed excitement about hosting the Games at the historic venue, but admitted she was feeling a tinge of sadness at not being able to compete. “When I was playing I couldn’t believe the Olympics weren’t going to be in Paris because I loved playing at Roland Garros and I loved playing at Philippe Chartier. It was amazing. But when I evolved they decided to do it ,” Williams said in a video interview.

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Williams’ statement not only highlighted her special connection with Roland Garros but also revealed her disappointment at not being able to compete at the Olympics at the venue during her career. Still, Williams supports the Olympics and is looking forward to watching the world’s best athletes compete at the famous Roland Garros stadium.


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Serena’s unfailing love for Roland Garros

This isn’t the first time Serena Williams has expressed her love for Roland Garros. When the tennis star took her daughter Olympia on a trip to Paris, she expressed her affection for the place.


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“Paris, France. One of my favorite places to visit. Also, it’s my favorite stop on the French Open Tour,” Serena said. As well as recalling the time she had to travel there alone for a Roland Garros match, she added a touching quote.

“For the first time I had the opportunity to do something and see something that I would never be able to do with my daughter because I’m usually in Roland Garros,” she added. It remains to be seen whether she will appear as a participant at this year’s Paris Olympics as the tennis legend continues to move forward with a huge love for the place.

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