Fat Is Back And No Longer “Single”

Francesco Motta Is Back And He’s Done It With Two Different SinglesBut attached to a creative camera that has moved from “I” to others. Motta’s new single “Music Is Over”, released last week and produced by Tommaso Coliva, this is so beautiful. It is also the title of the fourth studio album, which will be released in the autumn when the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist will be the protagonist of a club tour, with a show that will showcase a new live key. “The Music Is Over” is a fast and rhythmic ballad., reminiscent of some of Kanye West’s best performances. This is very different from the first extract”Lost Souls” and it showcases the sonic diversity of their next album., Those who love its rockier and more potent spirit will not be disappointed with this excellent freshly brewed piece. “The Music Is Over” is a title full of hope, without any sadness, “The end of things makes you want to go back over everything and make a fresh start. Like a movie, the ending is the most concrete and important example: When you leave the room you start metabolizing the meaning of the whole story”, as written in the single’s introduction.

Video clip of the play directed by Pepsi Romanoff, Enjoys the participation of two exceptional actors: Carolina Crescentini, who is also the wife of the Tuscan singer-songwriter, and Vinicio Marchioni, who with his intensity transmits all the power and emotion of the piece. At the end of the clip, Motta emerges from among them to symbolize the gaze “from the outside”. About history and not about myself. This is a new dimension. Also in the first part the artist is a narrator: two heroes of “anime purse”. Geet struggles to manage his toxic condition, but finds hope in love, a plan that serves as a gateway to the story of “a sick spirit who tries to find his way”. The protagonists are, in fact, two lost souls. Motta is back on the scene with musically rich elementsAgain masterfully produced by Tommaso Coliva.

The writing is crystal clear, direct and sees the collaboration of Danno del Colle der Fomento, “I wanted to get excited again and I succeeded. I hope what happened to me because of this song happens to you too” Tuscan singer-songwriter, back to release new music after more than two years, This is a return to style, elegant and, at the same time, deep and sanguine, These two first steps towards a new project sink, touch and rise at the same time, fostering curiosity about what the new world outlined by Rocker would be like. fat is all around him Stories, characters, ghosts. It’s not “lonely” anymore,

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