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Sudden, tragic goodbye: a moment was enough for life Treat Williams broke due to tragic motorcycle accident which left him no escape. actor Hair And Everwood AND died June 12 in Vermont after a very violent collision with an SUV in Dorset. According to the findings of the police, who arrived at the scene immediately after the collision, Williams would have been thrown off the bike and he would have had nothing to do.

Treat Williams died, career and start

“Williams was unable to avoid the collision and was thrown off his bike. reported serious injury and was taken to Albany Medical Center in Albany, New York, where declared dead“, the police said, while the death was confirmed People from his agent Barry McPherson: “I am devastated. He was a wonderful person. He was so talented. He was a great actor. The filmmakers loved it. He has been the heart of Hollywood since the late 70s and he was very proud of his performance this year. He was so pleased with the job I found for him. He had one career balanced”.

Richard Treat Williams was born in Connecticutin Norwalk on December 1, 1951 and lived in Manchester, Vermont. debut the film dates back to 1975 as a police officer in the film deadly hero. Since then, he has not stopped playing american vice in 1976 and beyond night of the eagle. He has taken part in over 120 television and film roles.

The big break came in 1979 when he played the part George Bergerhippie’s leader Hair, inspired by the famous Broadway musical. The interpretation of this character is worth it First Golden Globe nomination as an acting revelation of the year. Back in 1979, he takes part in 1941: Alarm in Hollywood From Steven Spielbergand in 1981 he starred in prince of the city Sydney Lumet, what he gets for second Golden Globe nomination.

Movies and series

70 films in which he took part, among which we also remember Once upon time in America From Sergio Leone in 1984 and Hour of Violence 2in 1998, then Deep down inside in 1999 with Michelle Pfeiffer AND Miss FBI – Special Intelligence Officer in 2005 starring Sandra Bullock.

He also begins to experiment with television series with Everwood in 2002, in which he plays Dr. Andrew “Andy” Brown, a widowed Manhattan neurosurgeon who decides to leave the city’s chaos to move his family to a quiet Colorado town. He remained on the show for all four seasons, receiving an award nomination. Sag premium for Best Actor in a Drama Series 2003/2004 From 2016 to 2022 he starred in Chesapeake Shores, in which he plays Mick O’Brien, the patriarch of the family. He also took part in the series blue blood as Lenny Ross until 2023. He also acted in theater on Broadway, playing in Lubricant AND Pirates of Penzance. In 2001, she won a Drama League Award and sang in the musical Madness.

Friends and colleagues remember him for his cheerfulness, generosity and creativity. “Trit and I spent months in Rome filming Once upon time in America – writes the actor in social networks. James Woods “I really loved him and I’m devastated that he’s gone.”

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