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Kevin Costner – Ethan RennerA former CIA agent who gives up his dangerous life to finally reunite with his wife and daughter always keeps a safe distance to protect them from the dangers of his job. But first he must complete one last mission, even if it means balancing the two most difficult tasks he’s ever been tasked with: capturing the world’s most dangerous terrorist and protecting his teenage daughter. Between breathtaking chases through the Parisian capital, murders and the usual problems of every parent who has to raise teenage children.

Directed by American director McG, stage name Joseph McGinty Nichol, 3 Days to Kill is a hilarious spy thriller that brings a grizzled Kevin Costner back to the big screen as a CIA assassin suffering from cancer and close to death. death. For both, it’s a return to the scene of the crime: we recently saw Costner play a CIA agent in the reboot of the Jack Ryan saga, a character created by the late writer Tom Clancy, and McG has already signed two successful contracts. products related to the world of espionage, the television series Chuck (which he produced) and the comedy One Spy Is Not Enough, in which two secret agents went to war after discovering that they were both dating the same woman. .

It is from these two previous works that the film manages to recapture a comedic tone that never mutes the overly dramatic tones. Despite a much more serious tone than Chuck and One Spy Isn’t Enough, some moments manage to be entertaining, especially when Ethan’s character finds himself discussing family emergencies with a previously tortured criminal while communicating with his daughter. The father-daughter relationship itself, while borrowed from American cinema and therefore classically enjoyable, works well overall, giving the film a fun lightness that contrasts with Ethan’s second life as a killer.

3 days to kill” is a commercial operation that manages to convince. Written by Frenchman Luc Besson (who has recently managed to get a few screenplays right, such as Lockout or Captured) and co-directed by the old and new worlds, McG’s film is at its best when it comes to blending tones of comedy with darker tones than a spy movie filled with lots of action against the backdrop of the French capital. A classic film that we will soon see again in summer arenas.

SCRIPT: Luc Besson, Adi Hasak.
GENRE: action, drama, thriller
YEAR: 2014
COUNTRY: USA; France, Greece, Russia
DURATION: 117 min.
Cast: Kevin Costner, Amber Heard, Hailee Steinfeld, Connie Nielsen, Scott Byrne, Richard Sammel
PHOTOGRAPHY: Thierry Arbogast.
EDITING: Audrey Simoneau.
PRODUCTION: 3DTK, EuropaCorp, Relativity Media, Wonderland Sound and Vision

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