Feathers I know feathers right? Here’s what the stars of the fashion detail of the moment think

Feathers, a charming fashion habit (since Cleopatra’s time)

The feather has been the prima donna of fashion since the most ancient times of our civilization, i.e. those in which a true prima donna dictated the law (even in terms of style). Let’s talk about the legendary Cleopatra, who seems to have loved being refreshed through huge fans of ostrich feathers and feathers. Some feathers must have ended up in her hair, slipping away from the fan, because in the common imagination Cleopatra is no stranger to the pompous luxury of feathers, even as clothing and accessories. If you think of the verb ‘peacock’ – which means ‘flaunt a vain self-satisfaction, show off’ – you will notice how it actually has feathers (the most characteristic detail of the peacock), so it is easy to understand how much this detail succeeds to envelop those who embrace it with charm. The beauty of the peacock is all due to the wonderfully colorful feathers and feathers that nature has given it as a dowry. Even human civilizations have slowly followed the example of Mother Nature: the indigenous peoples of Hawaii made capes covered with feathers; the traditional costumes of the Aztecs in Mexico were decorated with plumage of many colors; the same happened in the Nazca civilization in Peru. But the step from the rite to fashion is short, as shown by today’s catwalks, very rich in plumage. Another important catwalk in showbiz also attracts feathers: we are talking about the red carpet, on which the stars parade, challenging each other with shots of charm. Precisely the divas who want to ensure a good dose of refinement and sensuality cannot do without feathers, as demonstrated by the actress Emma Roberts (in the photo, from his Instagram profile)

The most beautiful (and good) feather is undoubtedly the eco-feather

Any trend to be truly beautiful must first of all be good. In this case, as regards the trend of feathers, if you focus on animal feathers the aspect of sustainability and environmental protection is lost, so they are to be rejected. But you can always choose the more ethical and virtuous path: that of eco-feather. Among the influencers who love ‘eco-feathered’ details is Chiara Ferragni (in her photo, from her Instagram profile)

Feathers as a revival of 1920s fashion (of the last century, of course)

The fascination of feathers reached a very high level in the 1920s, in the so-called ‘roaring twenties’. When a contemporary diva wears a little black dress with feathered hems like the one sported in this photo by actress Sarah Hyland (from her Instagram profile) she immediately echoes the style of the flappers and dancers of the jazz clubs of a century ago

The electric feather trend

There is feather and feather: the classic one is disciplined, well combed and knows how to stay in its place, while the more contemporary one could be defined as an ‘electric feather’. We call it that because it looks like part of a plumage that has been shocked, like the feathers that decorate the jacket worn in this photo by actress Greta Ferro (from her Instagram profile)

A feathered top is ideal to combine with leather pants (all in an eco version)

There is nothing more glamorous than a feathered top combined with a pair of leather trousers, as this look by Valentina Ferragni (from her Instagram profile) clearly demonstrates. For both feathers and leather, it is always better to opt for the eco version, in order to make an ethical and cruelty-free choice

Silk and feathers, the two basic ingredients for the seduction recipe

An outerwear studded with feathers to match with a silk dress is the perfect mix to be highly seductive, without having to neglect elegance. The actress Demi Moore knows it well (in the photo, from her Instagram profile)

The powder pink nuance is combined with a kiss with feathers

Not only does silk get along very well with feathers: as far as the color palette is concerned, choose powder pink as the fil rouge (actually: fil rosé) of the look and you can’t go wrong. This nuance applied to the feathered detail immediately brings to mind the gracefulness of powder puffs. An eloquent example is the one proposed by the influencer Tamu McPherson (in her photo, from her Instagram profile)

The feathered minidress in the nuance of Barbie pink is the height of glam

If you want a look that won’t go unnoticed, opt for a bubble-gum pink feathered minidress. Or rather: pink Barbie, given that this is the chromatic trend, anxiously awaiting the release of the film with Margot Robbie directed by Greta Gerwig. With such a demanding dress, pursue minimalism as regards shoes, bags and accessories: as does the TV presenter, showgirl and former model Cristina Chiabotto (in the photo, from her Instagram profile), apart from the dress, everything else is minimized. Minimal indeed

Feathers as a decoration for a wide-brimmed hat? And it’s immediately vintage!

For those who want to embrace the trend of feathers but without daring with feathered dresses and not even with dresses characterized by feathered hems, there is a trick: the hat. Add a few colorful feathers as decoration to a wide-brimmed hat and the effect you get will be exquisitely retro, as well as sensual in the right place.

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