Fedez breaks the silence, returns to social media and denies the crisis with Chiara Ferragni

Fedez go back to Instagram. But only for the time of a story and this time without putting your face on it. Rather, he launches a message to the fans by writing: «I’m going through a period where I prefer to be the as far away from social media as possible. This decision has nothing to do with my relationship with my wife, whom I thank for her constant support. See you soon».

The text is followed by a heart emoticon and the 14.6 million followers have to settle for this laconic explanation, after the rumors of the past few weeks. Of course, at Carnival he posted a photo of the masked children or, as he calls them, his «Royal babies»: Victoria dressed up as Queen Elizabeth complete with a wide-brimmed hat and cuddly corgi while Leo dons a palace guard uniform.

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Chiara Ferragni, meanwhile, is busy between one fashion show and another of the Fashion Week, interspersing runway images with private snaps with the kids. No trace of her husband, at least on Instagram, in favor of her 28.9 million followers.

After the alleged air of crisis caused (are we sure?) by Fedez’s kiss with Rosa Chemical, rumors of separation chased each other, with details of all kinds, from theinterruption of filming of their series The Ferragnez (on Prime Video) to him sleeping on the sofa or asking friends for asylum.

Whether or not it’s artfully orchestrated attention-grabbing theater for once with subtraction, fans have since worried. the videos of Fedez in obvious difficulty, while trying to stammer out a plausible explanation. Just a few hours ago the rapper has deserted the presentation to the press of the third season of LOL (from March 9 on Prime Video), without even a video greeting, a comment or a message to justify its absence. There are those who have hypothesized – primarily Selvaggia Lucarelli – that it has to do with the alleged lack of clarity of the operation linked to charity and the Easter eggs with its logo (after a similar controversy erupted around the pandoro advertised by Chiara Ferragni ).

Meanwhile Fabrizio Corona on his Telegram channel leaks the indiscretion on the influencer who would be willing to separate from her husband. For the moment there is nothing confirmed, except Fedez’s desire to keep away from his social stage to privately resolve whatever is happening right now in his life, professionally and personally. Fans, of course, really wish him that.

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