Fernando Botero’s body arrives in Colombia to bid final farewell to compatriots

Agence France-Presse confirmed that the body of Fernando Botero arrived in Bogotá by plane from France on Thursday, kicking off a week of tributes by fellow Colombians to the world’s most famous artist.

The painter and sculptor died of pneumonia at the Eldorado Airport in the capital of Monaco on September 15 at the age of 91. The coffin arrived at the Eldorado Airport in the capital of Monaco.

Journalists reported that his daughter, Lina Botero, was waiting for him in tears, accompanied by Culture Minister Juan David Correa.

Colombians will join Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez in bidding farewell to one of the most important artists of the 20th century and one of Colombia’s most famous figures abroad.

According to reports, the artist’s coffin will be placed in the Capitol’s burning chamber from Friday to Sunday and will be open to the public. A Catholic Mass and a concert will be held in his honor on Monday at the Botero Museum, which has 208 of his works on display. Ministry of Culture.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, Medellin will receive the remains of one of its most beloved children, who donated sculptures and paintings that decorate parks and plazas in Colombia’s second-largest city.

The ministry added in a statement that next Thursday “after the memorial service, the teacher’s body and coffin will be examined for subsequent cremation and transfer to the Italian town of Pietrasanta, where his remains will rest in peace” over there”.

The ashes will be interred next to the grave of his wife, Greek artist Sophia Vari.


Botero’s creations, most of which feature sensual and slightly surreal forms, have been auctioned for up to $4.3 million in the world’s most prestigious galleries.

In Colombia he wanted to open his works to the public, trying to bring art to the masses; around the world he exhibited these works in cities such as Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Singapore and Venice.

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