Ferrari (2023) by Michael Mann


The film is the story of the life of the man who gave his name to the famous car company, in a biopic that focuses more on the personal aspects of Enzo Ferrari’s figure than the public.



Original name: ferrari
Director: Michael Mann
Country/year: UK, USA, Italy, China / 2023
Type: Drama, Biography
Throw: Adam Driver, Lino Musella, Penelope Cruz, Andrea Bruschi, Valentina Belle, Massy Furlan, Giuseppe Russo, Giuseppe Bonifati, Peter Arpecella, Sarah Gadon, Tommaso Basili, Alex Tonti, Andrea Dolente, Brett Smrtz, Eric Haugen, Gabriel Leone, Gianfilippo Grasso , Jack O’Connell, Leonardo Caimi, Luca Della Valle, Michelle Savoia, Patrick Dempsey, Samuel Yubinette, Shailene Woodley, Wyatt Carnel
Screenplay: Michael Mann, Troy Kennedy-Martin
Photo: Eric Messerschmidt
Music: Daniel Pemberton
Director: Gareth West, Monica Bacardi, John Lescher, Thorsten Schumacher, Maggie Chiffo, Lars Sylvest, Noemi Nakai, Thomas Heislip, Helen Medrano, Andrea Iervolino, Michael Mann, PJ van Sandwijk, Laura Riester
Production house: Forward Pass, Bliss Media, Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment, Esme Grace Media/COIL, Moto Productions, Storyteller Productions, Grisbi Productions, Rocket Science
Distribution: Lucky Red

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